Life is busy and volunteering may seem like another addition on your "to do" list, but this is one item that gives back in a big way. 

Research shows that  adults who volunteer have lower levels of depression, feel more satisfied with life and are less likely to develop high blood pressure. Suprisingly, people who volunteer also report that they feel that they have more time, not less, and the way they spend their time is more valuable. 

One of the keys to a great neighborhood is how residents feel about each other. When you volunteer together in your own community you are working toward a common goal, which helps create comaraderie and makes the place you live a great place to live!

Volunteering takes on a million different shapes and even contributions which seem small make a big impact. While grand gestures like donating a lump sum to a local charity make a positive impact, the everyday efforts of people who help build and maintain strong, thriving communities are just as noteworthy. 

Columbus and Central Ohio have some of the best neighborhood communities in the country where each and every day there is an opportunity to give back. If you are unsure where to start, check out to view the "volunteers wanted" listings in your immediate area. For a variety of Columbus volunteer events, visit Looking to organize an event? Here are some ideas.


  1. Neighborhood Clean Up Day
  2. Winter Clothes Drive
  3. Bake Sale for a Local Charity
  4. Collect Cards and Send to Soldiers 
  5. Stuffed Animal Drive for Children's Hospital
  6. Collect Used Sports Equipment for Youth Sports Teams in Need
  7. Plant a Community Garden
  8. Adopt a Stretch of Highway in Your Neighborhood Name
  9. Make Care Kits (Toiletry Items) for Local Homeless Shelter
  10.  Car Wash for A Cause

Let us know the great things you are doing to give back!